Where Is Belize?

Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is a small,central-america-map independent country of 8,866 square miles. Belize located to the south of Mexico and east of Guatemala and is bordered by the Caribbean Sea.

Belize Originated as a British trading outpost in the seventeenth century. Belize is a parliamentary democratic country with its constitution enacted in 1981 upon independence from Great Britain.

Belize’s population today is comprised of some 300,000 descendants of British colonial residents and their African slaves. In Belize, there are also a variety of other ethnic groups, including descendants of Mexican and Guatemalan refugees.

Belize, being the last colony of Great Britain on the American mainland, became a self-governing colony in January of 1964. In June of 1973 the country was later renamed Belize. Belize recieved full independence September, 21, 1981 from Great Britain with prime minister George Price at the helm. Territorial disputes with neighboring Guatemala caused many delays to the process that still haunts Belize, even today.

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